@Paolo has recently bought SmartLF Scan! 36" scanner

Why is Portability Important?
If you are often “in the field” or “on site” a portable large format scanner is essential. A portable blueprint scanner makes scanning and sharing maps and drawings quick and easy where and when you need it. The sturdy, wheeled carry case provides you with the flexibility of being able to work on site – which can be vital for you working in the construction business to optimize your workflow, which ultimately will be reflected in the bottom line figures.

You may think that wide format scanning is a huge and cumbersome operation. It doesn´t have to be. The scanner itself is light weight and the user interface is easy to use. The installation takes a mere 10 minutes from you unpack your scanner until you are ready to scan. Plug in, turn on, scan! It doesn´t get any quicker or easier than that. And, as you know, time is money.

Size matters
Size can mean the difference between being mobile or static. Moving or standing still.

Flexibility and mobility are keywords in today´s society and we have taken that into account with the SmartLF and our rainforest365 app. Plug and Play, so to speak. Or, as we like to call it: Plug and Scan. All you need is your hard hat, your scanner and your mobile phone and you´re ready to scan and share drawings, specs, maps or the like from the building site with your colleagues at the office.

There are six modes of operation
PDF, JPG and TIF files are generated by the scanner.  They can then be:

1 – stored in the scanner for transfer later
2 – stored directly on a USB stick
3 – transferred directly to PC
4 – transferred directly to networked PC
5 – sent via email using your Iphone or Ipad
6 – stored in the cloud using your Iphone or Ipad

Fits all industries
We are confident that, amongst others, the following industries will applaud the invention of this fully portable scanner. They all have the fact that they are often in the field in common.

Land surveyors
Landscape architects
Town and country planners

The SmartLF is your new and easy to get along with work partner. Plug it in, turn it on, start scanning.
Paired with our rainforest365 app you and your scanner are now free to roam building sites and countryside unhindered.

The carry case holds everything you need to use the SmartLF large format scanner: mains power supply, calibration sheet, instruction manual and RJ45 Ethernet cable to connect to your PC or network.

Limitless mobility, limitless freedom, limitless scanning.