@Paolo has recently bought SmartLF Scan! 36" scanner

SmartLF Scan! Features

Portable and versatile. With SmartLF Scan! the possibilities are bigger than you might think!

SmartLF Scan! can be used as a personal or as a shared resource device and is not tied to a single computer or restricted to using a certain printer. A small Windows program (NetApp) allows scans to be collected by any computer on the same network or saved to any networked folder from where standard Windows applications take over. Why not experience the advantages of a low-cost but portable wide format scanner and find out what it could do for your business? All scans saved in standard PDF, JPG and TIFF formats.

  • Store – When PC access is not possible save your scans inside the scanner. SmartLF Scan! will store up to 6GB of digitised documents or a maximum of eight separate scans. Stored scans can be downloaded to USB stick or a networked computer at any time (requires mains power).
  • Send – Move scans as they are generated directly to your PC or a shared network folder (requires free NetApp Windows utility).
  • Print – Print scans to any printer using the Windows printer driver and standard Windows applications such as Adobe Reader and Photos.


SmartLF Scan! represents incredible value for money and with a rapid return on investment (ROI) this scanner has the capacity to revolutionise the way any team, large or small works together on complex and changing projects.


‘DocLogic’ for built-in optimal image quality and file size
DocLogic is an intelligent image optimization system. It automatically sets the DPI on your documents or photos according to the physical size of the document or photo, to maximize image quality and reduce file size.


“Outstanding and Revolutionary”
Colortrac was the first large format scanner manufacturer to receive 4.5 stars and a rating of “Outstanding” from Bertl (Business Equipment Research & Test Laboratories) for both camera and sensor scanners. The CAD User Magazine has described the SmartLF Scan! as “Revolutionary in its portability AND versatility”.


“A great little large format scanner”
SmartLF Scan! is unprecedented in terms of scan performance in a package of this size. Cleverly optimised automatic settings mean even the inexperienced can produce compact, high quality files within minutes.