@Werner has recently bought SmartLF Scan! 36" scanner

Product FAQ


What size scanner do I need?

SmartLF Scan! 24 SmartLF Scan! 36
Any document from A4 up to A1. Any document from A4 up to A0.

Is the box an additional purchase or part of the base model?

The box is included in your scanner purchase.

How heavy is the scanner?

SmartLF Scan! 24 SmartLF Scan! 36
5.2 kg 7 kg

Will the scanner fit in my car?

The box dimensions are:

SmartLF Scan! 24 SmartLF Scan! 36
Depth 265 mm 265 mm
Height 208 mm 208 mm
Length 980 mm 1280 mm

Can I carry the scanner on public transport?

Yes. The case comes on wheels so you can transport it like a suitcase.

How big is the scanner?

The scanner dimensions are:

SmartLF Scan! 24 SmartLF Scan! 36
Depth 160 mm 160 mm
Height 111 mm 111 mm
Length 870 mm 1175 mm

How does the portability work?

The scanner comes with a specially designed case so that it can be taken out of the office easily.
The only thing you need to operate away from your office is power. The scanner is completely self-contained and can scan to its internal memory, working just like a digital camera. You can also scan to USB. With a smartphone compatible USB stick scans can also be sent to the cloud when away from your PC and the office internet (not supplied).

What’s in the box?

  • SmartLF Scan! scanner
  • Ruggedised, wheeled carry case for ultimate portability
  • Ethernet cable to connect to your PC or network
  • Instruction manual
  • Power cables
  • Calibration sheet


What can I scan?

Can I scan artwork?

This is possible, although SmartLF Scan! is designed to scan technical documents.

Can I scan small documents like A4 or letter size?

Yes. The scanner can be set to automatically recognise your paper size, or you can set it to scan all common ISO DIN, ARCH or ANSI paper sizes up to A0 (or A1 for the 24 inch scanner).



Do I need a PC?

No. You can scan to the internal memory, then download scans to a USB stick. You can also scan directly to a USB stick.

What formats can I save documents to?


Can I scan in black and white?


Can I scan in colour?

Yes. This is the default setting.

Can I print directly from the scanner?

This is a two-step process. When scanning to PDF using the PC client, your computer automatically opens the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat. From here, you can print to scale using any Windows printer.

What kind of USB stick can I use?

4-128GB (FAT32)

Does the scanner automatically know what size my document is?

Yes, if set to autosize, which is the default. You can also set the document size manually if you prefer.

What resolution should I scan at?

SmartLF Scan! includes DocLogic. You tell the scanner the type of document, it knows the size so scans at an appropriate dpi. This will give you a good quality scan and avoid creating an unmanageable file size.

You can also select the dpi manually. The three choices are:
200 dpi
400 dpi
600 dpi
Generally, 200 dpi will result in a very good image.

What is the accuracy of the scanner and what does that mean?

0.2% +/- 1 pixel.
In practical terms, this is very accurate. Changes in relative humidity naturally cause paper to expand and contract more than this amount (ref: http://printwiki.org/Moisture_Content).

What accessories are available for the scanner?

The scanner is truly self-contained. It does not require any specialist software, and comes complete with the following items:

  • Scanner Power cable
  • Network cable
  • Calibration sheets
  • Carry-case
  • PC App (downloadable)

What materials can I scan?

SmartLF Scan! is designed to scan paper and is not suitable for fabric or extremely thin papers that have little or no internal stiffness.
SmartLF Scan! is recommended for use with current projects and should not be used to scan aged and fragile documents. It is not designed for use with carriers commonly used to protect fragile media.
SmartLF Scan! does not include any specialist software to clean up old documents.
The maximum media thickness is 0.02 (0.5mm).

What is the maximum width and length I can scan?

Width: 24″ for SmartLF Scan! 24, 36″ for SmartLF Scan! 36.
Length: Up to 200″ (5m) @200dpi or 150″ (3.8m) @400 dpi or 109″ (2.7m) @600dpi



Can I use Colortrac or third-party software with my scanner?

No. SmartLF Scan! is designed to operate with commonly used software and does not require specialist scanner software.
Output file types include PDF, JPG and TIFF, all of which can be opened by a number of common applications.

How do I connect to my PC?

You can connect to your PC either directly, using an Ethernet cable, or via your network.
The scanner comes with a downloadable free app that allows the scanner to find your PC on the network.
The app also allows SmartLF Scan! to connect directly to your PC, using the supplied network cable, as a standalone networked device.
You can also scan to USB and transfer your files manually.

Can I connect two PCs to one scanner?

Yes, if networked.

Can I connect via Wi-Fi?

The scanner cannot connect wirelessly but any PC can be wirelessly connected to the network that the scanner is connected to.

Can I connect via Bluetooth?


Does the scanner run in batch mode?

No, SmartLF Scan! is not designed for batch scanning.